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Cavall Regent Dixie Blues OA, NAJ, AXP, AJP, CGC, HIC
“Dixie’s Agility Record”

“They are short on legs, that must be why,
God made the Corgi want to fly.”

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5/05/07 - Dixie places at the HOTC trials in Priceville.  She took 1st with a score of 100 for her 2nd OAJ leg.
2/24/07 - Dixie is back in the agility ring after an extended break. She won her third AXP leg and 9th agility title with a 1st place win in Priceville, AL.

* * * * *

Dixie is taking a break from Agility while Jenna plays in the Conformation ring.

* * * * *

5/22+23/06 - Dixie wins 1 MJP and 2 AXP at the CWCCA National in Ft Mitchell, KY.
4/2/06 - Chattanooga, TN.  Brent and Dixie complete her OA title.
2/24/06 - The dynamic duo continue to tear up in the agility ring.  Brent finished Dixie's NAJ title with 3 first place wins. They won 2 titles in 3 weekends.  Yea Brent!
1/26/06 - Brent and Dixie won her Novice Agility title with 2 first place and 1 second place win.
11/25+26/05 - On Thanksgiving weekend, Junior handler Brent made his debute in the agility ring with Dixie.  He earned Dixie's first NA and NAJ legs with a score of 100 and two 1st place wins!
5/8/05 - With a 1st place win, Dixie earns another Master Jumpers leg in Priceville, AL.
1/30/05 - Dixie earns her 2nd MJP leg in Franklin, TN with a second place win.
11/20/04 - Dixie had a clean run, but missed getting her 2nd MJP leg because she went over course time by 1.2 seconds. MACH speed is what we need!
11/19/04 - After an extended break, Dixie is back in the agility ring.  With a 1st place win, Dixie picked up her first MJP leg in Priceville, AL.  Now, only 9 more legs to go.

* * * * *

Dixie is taking a break from Agility while Tayler plays in the Conformation ring.

* * * * *

5/15/04 - Dixie finishes her Excellent Jumper's title with a 2nd place win in Priceville, AL.
5/04/04 - Taking 2nd place, Dixie wins another AJP leg at the 2004 CWCCA Nationals in Wentzville, MO.
2/28/04 - Dixie earns her 1st Excellent
Jumper's leg.
2/27/04 - Placing 1st in her class, Dixie wins her last OAP leg and earns her Open Standard title in Priceville, AL.
1/4/04 - Dixie celebrated the New Year by flying through her OJP course. She placed
1st and won her Open Jumpers title. Yea Dixie!
1/3/04 - Another OAP leg won in Harriman, TN.
11/22/03 - With a 1st place win, Dixie earns an OJP leg in Priceville, AL.
9/7/03 - Dixie picks up the 1st leg of her OAP in Harriman, TN.
6/1/03 - Dixie receives the last leg to earn her NAP & NJP titles on the same day.  She completed her Jumper & Standard titles in 2 weekends.
5/31/03 - Corydon, IN:  Dixie receives her 2nd leg for her NAP.
5/4/03 - Dixie receives legs for her NAP & NJP.
5/3/03 - Decatur, AL:  Dixie receives her 1st leg of her NJP.


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